Why do so many dudes in L.A. dress like they’re in The Jesus & Mary Chain?

Just got back from seeing Dear White People in theaters and I want to go see it again! Next time I’m going to bring my white friends.

Black girl 90s goddess goals
Just gonna get these selfies off while waiting for my uber.

I love candy corn and I don’t give a fuck how anybody feels about it.

My new Bae-cycle.

︻╦╤─ soft ghetto ─╤╦︻


Twerking is not a new thing. These clips are from 1938!

Just facts.

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where the black girls at???
by me immediately after entering any and every establishment (via suprchnk)
Pretty sure I got the last pair in my size in all of L.A. today.
My childish ass breakfast this morning.

Why is “NO” inadmissible when denying the unwanted advances of a stranger?

Let me exist as a fucking human being that just wants to buy a pair of god damned shoes in a store on a Wednesday afternoon.