"Young Houston hard hitter all about the scrilla."
Hair full of greens and blues. #naturalhair #circusfreak
All black. 90 degree weather. Southern Girl. (at Chelsea Market)
Texas Rollergirl
Serving afropunk domina at 1AM. @rinnyriot
Loitering in Los Feliz.
My fingers look weird but my hair color is poppin’ here so…there’s that.
Bicycling Broad.
Aquamarine hair FTW.
This Toro Y Moi album that came out today is just so damn good! “Cake” is probably one of my favorite tracks next to “Rose Quartz”
Black kid in the park.
Perfect weather in L.A. today. Just makes me want to sit out on the front lawn in all black and create awkward tanlines.
Annie are you “Whoakay?”
3AM and I’m singing songs from the 90s.
Black Panther Party